Friday, July 19, 2019

4 Ways to Know Whether You Have Chronic Bad Breath Or Not

Having bad breath is already consider terrible, but having chronic bad breath is even worse. No matter what you do, the bad smell of your breath keeps on giving you a problem. Every time when you want to speak to people, they will simply turn away because they just can not stand the awful smell of your breath.

If you are one of those people who have chronic bad breath, you really need to do something about it before it gets even worse. Bad breath sufferer might get a tooth decay or gums problem. Early prevention is always a good idea because it will be much easier to cure it in the early stage.

If you are wondering whether you are putting people off by chronic bad breath, consider the following points that may help you determine if bad breath is a problem for you.

1) You Feel a Bad Taste In Your Mouth

When you eat something that suppose to be delicious but you feel the food has a bad taste, you may have chronic bad breath. This is due to several decay from the previous food particles that you have ateen earlier left in your mouth. Brushing your teeth and clean your tongue everyday can overcome this problem.

2) Somebody Offers You A Mint

When your friend suddenly offer you a mint, you might think he is just being generous. After several minutes, the same friend gives you another, there must me something wrong that you may not aware. The truth is your friend just could not stand your awful bad breath.

He does not want to hurt your feeling by telling you directly, that is why he always offer you a mint. You better do some oral cleaning if this situation keeps on repeating.

3) Your Friend Steps Back When You Open Your Mouth

Every time when you want to speak in public, you realize that most of the people who listen to you will take a step back. You want to know why? They want to avoid the bad odor coming out from your mouth. If this has happened to you, you should know that you have a chronic bad breath.

4) The Color Of Your Tongue

If you notice that the color of your tongue is either yellow or white, this indicates that you are suffering from bad breath. The bacteria has started to grow and spread on your tongue. You need to scrape it off by using a toothbrush.

As you can see, you really need to take some action if you have a chronic bad breath. It can only be cure if you take good care of your oral hygiene. Once this is done, your friends will no longer avoid talking to you and you have all confidence in the world to speak up.

Source by Izrul Fizal

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