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Bad Breath Cure

"The face that launched a thousand ships," is how a beauty of the ancient Greek world is described in poetry. Was the real reason bad breath, one wonders? This may be a flippant speculation but it is no secret that no beauty or beauty aids can mask the terror that stalks human beings in face-to-face encounters. Men and women lose tons of goodwill in everyday transactions, in their personal as well as professional relationships and they are looking for a bad breath remedy.

Temporary and chronic

The subject of bad breath cure is kept under covers, but the best bad breath solution is to meet the problem head on, admit that there is a problem, identify the cause and then deal with it with a will. The cause of bad breath could be temporary, like when you eat odorous things like onion, garlic, fish or meat and spicy curries. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic liquor also create their own odor, but people conveniently exclude them from consideration! What thou sowest, that thou reconsider; what thou eat and drinkest, that thou smelest!

The morning breath is a passing phenomenon and the normal brush takes care of it. The transit bad breath can be controlled and pretended by thorough gargling, brushing of teeth after the meal and before retiring, chewing of mint and what have you.

But chronic bad breath, called Halitosis in medical parlance, is quite another cup of tea. It is caused by the bacteria that are active in the tongue. They are beneficial as they help break down the proteins. But as the bacteria die, their dead cells release a sulphur compound that causes a typical odor. Doctors have even invented an odor meter that can measure the amount of such sulphur by-products of our oral factory.

The mouth tells a hundred tales

The cause of bad breath is not far to seek. For the most part, it lies in the mouth and in our lack of oral hygiene.

· The tongue is rough and has plenty of spaces including cracks for lodgment of the smelly sulphur compounds. Scraping with glue cleaners specifically the back of the tongue is advised by doctors as most of action takes place there between bacterial plaque and food debris.

· Food particles which are left behind on the tongue and in between teeth decompose and produce the malodorous effect.

· The food debris also leaves behind plaque on the teeth and between the gum and the teeth. These become deposits for bacteria that account for the cavities and afford hideouts for elements that churn the witches' brew day and night. They produce odors that make us unpopular in company. We are no longer thought out, but assiduously denied at arm's length.

· Periodontal (cavities) infection and gum diseases like gingivitis play a large role in creation of bad breath. Timely treatment of both is essential for a healthy mouth. Preventive maintenance should include daily flossing and massaging of the gums with fingers after brushing the teeth.

· Sinus infections are another source of odor and they are treatable with sinus irrigators.

· Ulcers in the mouth have to be investigated and the cause dealt with.

· Home remedy for bad breath will not work if the cause of bad breath lies deeper. People who suffer from diabetes, liver disease, bronchitis, inflammation of the nasal-sinus tract, tuberculosis, certain types of cancer and so on emit trademark odors which the doctors can identify. It is clear that bad breath is only a symptom and it is the cause that has to be identified and treated.

Healthy habits save us embarrassment

Adam and Eve also must have wondered how to get rid of bad breath because they had not invented the toothbrush. Perhaps they were eating plenty of fruits, greens and other raw food which kept their mouth and gastro-intestinal tract in constant renewal. Holistic experts say that it is not only the state of the mouth but the entire gastro-intestinal highway that should be regularly cleared of toxins and putrid matters if a healthy and odorless breath is to be secured.

Are we drinking sufficient water and maintaining the fluid level in the body? A tongue that runs dry is said to harbor bacterial cells that work overtime during the night. Are we flossing every night and getting rid of food debris that lies between teeth? Irrigators and dental cleansing kits are now available and they make for effective oral hygiene.
A note of cheer
The disturbing bad breath remedy / bad breath solution lie in intelligent evaluation of the problem, identifying the cause and then initiating the treatment. The cheering news from doctors is that most cases of chronic bad breath have their origin in the mouth and can be successfully treated. They are purely a dental concern. But ten percent of the cases could have a defect medical cause and will need appropriate treatment for the disease in question.

Source by Arokiasami P. Durai

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