Thursday, July 18, 2019

Behaviors That Destroy Your Inner Beauty

Beauty is not only skin deep. Any beauty we may have on the outside is incomparable to the beauty we all carry on the inside. The proper functioning of healthy organs and the operations of a body working at maximum efficiency are true wonders of the universe. Sadly, many of us sabotage our own inner beauty by engaging in behaviors that damage our organs and disturb bodily functions. Avoiding these activities make certain your beauty is not just on the surface:

Eating unhealthy foods. The obesity epidemic is an obvious negative consequence of making poor food choices. The damage this behavior does to our insides is less visible but more profound. Blood pressure and cholesterol rise. Livers and kidneys have to work overtime to clear out all the toxins. The pancreas gets overworked, the body loses its sensitivity to insulin, and diabetes develops. Hearts become decrepit, bones lose density, and energy levels drop. Blood vessels become caked with plaque and fats, leading to blockages, clots, and death. The brain works less efficiently, and depression and mental health begin to decay. The list of horrible changes goes on and on. Eating the proper amount of healthy foods & vitamins can prevent your organs from becoming corroded.

Sedentary lifestyle. I often refer to sedentary lifestyles as obesity’s first cousin. It’s caused by laziness and inactivity. Stuck hours a day at desks, many people then come home and crash on the couch. They get no exercise whatsoever, and their bodies suffer. Bones lose density and muscles shed lean mass. The nervous system gets dulled and unresponsive. Hormone concentrations get out of whack, leading to numerous health defects. The heart and lungs get out of shape, forcing the cardiovascular system to work harder. Without exercise, the body can’t properly rest at night, compounding the negative health effects of these behaviors. The organs age more quickly, and bodies become sick and injured more easily. As with eating unhealthy foods, remaining sedentary is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It damages your systems through disuse, letting them lie fallow and literally waste away.

Smoking cigarettes. Despite the known dangers, millions of people still smoke. Nicotine, tar, and the hundreds of other chemicals are literally poisons that degrade the respiratory system. Smoke yellows teeth, generates bad breath, and blackens lungs. Tar turns beautiful pink lungs black and disgusting causing numerous respiratory troubles that continue throughout ones life. Cells mutate and reproduce uncontrollably, creating tumors and life-threatening cancers in the lungs, throat, mouth, and other organs. Heart rates and blood pressure skyrocket, putting undue stress on the cardiovascular system. Carbon monoxide and other nasty fumes poison and suffocate your brain and make your body work harder to breathe. Worst of all, smoking hurts life growing inside women, causing birth defects and other complications. In short, smoking ruins your inner beauty with blackness.

Drinking alcohol. Many people enjoy having the occasional drink, and it must be said that controlled and occasional drinking can be harmless, if not beneficial. However, too much drinking can be very harmful to the inner beauty of your body. The liver is the first and major target. It must work overtime to pump out the toxins from your body. Too much drinking can damage or destroy the liver’s healthy functioning. Alcohol also corrodes your brain, destroying memory and causing brain damage. Alcohol can also damage kidneys and the cardiovascular system, both of which have to work harder in response to the drug. Alcohol also causes cell mutation, leading to tumors and cancer.

Pick your poison wisely. Each of these behaviors can be very addictive. If you need help with any of these bad habits you can use Google to locate professional help in your local area.

Source by Ernesto Martinez

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