Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Duality in Relationships

What makes a good girl attracted to a bad boy? She was raised in a safe, protected household. Great parents, and had a wonderful social structure. What went wrong? How did she end up dating a guy that's the OPPOSITE of everything she was groomed to be? She just did not seem like the 'type' […]

Cardamom: Evergreen Spice Forever

Cardamom is selected queen of spices for royals. In India it is often known as "Elaichi". Cardamoms satisfy the four main purposes ie food, drink, medicines & perfumes through taste, flavor, cure & fragrance respectively. It is widely used as a herbal spice and is added in various sweet dishes to provide a strong aroma […]

Good and Bad Herbs for Dogs – Every Pet Owner Must Know It

Herbs are now widely used for several health benefits and a complementary treatment for pets. Although there are lots of herbal supplements good for the health of pets. But you should know that not all herbs and spices are good for the health of your dog. For every pet owner, it is important to know […]

What Factors Affect Lung Capacity?

Your lungs are one of the most important organs in your body. They enable you to breathe and get a good amount of oxygen. They also help in eliminating carbon dioxide from the blood. The oxygen will help the body become healthy and vibrant. One of the things that will signal how healthy your lungs […]

Menopausal Discomfort? No Sweat! A New Theory on the Cause and Prevention of Hot Flashes

Women in Fiji have it easy, at least when it comes to menopause. We were in Fiji to study bra wearing and breast cancer, but took advantage of the opportunity of being with these non-western people to ask about the way local women experienced menopause. Margaret Mead, the famous cultural anthropologist, discovered that the discomforts […]

Treat Gingivitis At Home – How To

Bleeding gum is known in medical terms as "Gingivitis". It is an infection in the mouth affecting the tissues around the teeth and gum. Gingivitis occurs when the teeth are not well taken care of by proper oral hygiene practices. The symptoms include bleeding of the gum during and after brushing of the teeth, bad […]

Oxygen And How We Breathe

Oxygen is a slightly magnetic gaseous element, colorless, odorless and tasteless. Oxygen is the most abundant element on Earth. It was discovered in 1774 by British chemist Joseph Priestley and independently by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele, the French chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier showed that it was an elemental gas by his classic experiments […]

Meditation Breathing – Do You Know the Proper Breathing Techniques For Relaxation?

Are you trying to learn how to meditate or maybe you just want to learn how to really relax at any point during your day? Do you want to know the meditation breathing techniques that masters use to relax whenever they want? There are specific methods to the breathing that they use when it comes […]

Bad Breath Remedies – From Folk Remedies to Easy Home Remedies

This article will look at some of the remedies that people use to help cure and eliminate bad breath. Let's start with Folk Remedies for curing your bad breath: Baking Soda has long been used as a natural and inexpensive alternative to toothpaste. It can help reduce the acidity in your mouth which makes it […]

Stress Relief on the Road – One Breath at a Time

Avoid having stress and anxiety hijack your road trip. Ease freeway frustration and calm nerves by doing a few simple breathing techniques. These may be done anywhere – behind the wheel, on a plane or sitting at the computer. Begin with a few moments of quiet. Ask your fellow travelers to give you a few […]